Our Family Law practice at Hogan & Hogan focuses on Alternative Dispute Resolution which includes mediation, collaborative practice, and negotiation.

Instead of the win-lose approach of a public court battle, the parties work through all their issues in private using an interest-based approach that enables them to make decisions for the benefit of all concerned, most importantly, their children.

Lila’s practice focuses on the following methods:

Mediation is a process in which the two parties resolve their legal issues with the help of a mediator. No one goes to court. There are three approaches that Lila uses, depending on the case:
Lila will act as mediator and not represent either party. The parties and their attorneys will set up a day-long mediation with the goal of reaching a final Judgment on the issues signed by both parties and their attorneys on the same day as the mediation. Lila has been successful in over 90% of these mediations.

Unlike the option above, this mediation is done without attorneys. Lila will act as the mediator and will not represent either party. If an agreement is reached, it is not final until the parties’ attorneys put it into a Judgment.

Lila will represent one party and will participate with the other party and attorney in a mediation with a third party.

Collaborative Practice isn’t just for families. It can be used to resolve disputes such as between heirs arguing about property or between an employer and employee.

Collaborative Practice is a new way for a divorcing couple to work as a team with trained professionals to resolve disputes respectfully, without going to court. The team approach is based on three key principles:

  1. You make the decisions about your family
    A written pledge not to go to court keeps the decisions in your hands.
  2. Open and respectful communication
    An honest exchange of information means better decisions are made with the entire family in mind.
  3. Preparation for the future
    You work toward a solution that takes into account the highest priorities of you and your children to prepare everyone for the future.

The team approach is considerably less expensive than the intensely litigated cases which often require three or more court hearings. But more importantly, the dollars spent on the collaborative process are invested in your family’s future and are not wasted in a destructive court battle.


In negotiated cases, Lila will represent one party and will meet with the other attorney to resolve the issues. No one will go to court.

This is the nickname given to totally uncontested matters. The parties will work out their issues by themselves often around the kitchen table (hence, the nickname) and then one of the parties hires Lila to draft all the legal documents. The other party is given the opportunity to have another attorney to review the settlement before signing it in front of another attorney or notary.